Soccer & Futsal

Youth Soccer Programs

Let the minis soccer fun continue!

This program is designed to help players begin developing a passion for soccer and want to continue to play for years to come! Players will begin to learn the basics of soccer through a series of activities and mini games that have a heavy focus on dribbling and passing. This will equip players with the necessary skills to continue their soccer experience at the next level.

Who: Age 3-6
When: Mondays from 1pm – 2pm
Dates: Nov. 4th – Dec 23rd
Cost: $119 (includes FREE toddler time after each class)


Winter – Session I

Focus each week will be on ball mastery and learning how to dribble like the pros. Players will develop proper ball control and improve foot skills, and learn a new move each week. Each session will end with different versions of scrimmages to get players game ready. We will also start to introduce proper soccer tactics and positioning to help players reach their full potential and advance to the next level!

Who: Ages 6-12
When: Mondays from 4 – 5pm
Dates: Nov 4th – Dec 23rd
Cost: $139


Winter – Session I

We’re BACK and ready for 8 weeks of league play & playoffs!

     For Town: U8 (2012), U10 (2010) , U12 (2008), U14 (2006), U16 (2004), U18 (2002)
     For Club: U8 (2012), U9 (2011), U10 (2010), U11 (2009), U12 (2008), U13 (2007), U14 (2006), U15 (2005), U16 (2004), U17 (2003), U18(2002)
When: Friday nights (5-9PM) | Saturday or Sunday (7am-10pm)
Dates: Nov 2nd – Dec 28th (playoffs Dec 27/28)
Cost: $925 (multi-team discount available)

Session I Schedule

Winter – Session II

We’re BACK and ready for 8 weeks of league play & playoffs! Join us for nonstop soccer at Starland.

Who: U6 – HS

When: Friday nights (5-9PM) | Saturday or Sunday (7am-10pm)

Dates: Jan 3 – Mar 15

Cost: U6 – U11: $675  |  U12-HS: $999


Joel DosSantos – Director of Soccer

After moving from the Cape Verde Islands to Portugal at 15 to develop his soccer skills, Joel was scouted by Sporting Lisbon and played for the same renown youth soccer academy that produced Cristiano Ronaldo. He later played for Portugal’s Real Massamá and União Vilafranquense before changing direction to receive a degree in Sports Management.

After moving to the US five years ago with his wife and daughter, Joel started coaching for GPS, Total Soccer FC, and then joined the New England Revolution Academy in 2017. The balance between a player’s technical, physical, tactical and mental abilities helps to shape Joel’s coaching style.

With an extensive background as both a player and coach, Joel will be overseeing all soccer programs at Starland.

Adult Soccer Programs

Who: co-ed 18+
When: Wednesday nights – 8:30 – 10pm
Dates: every wednesday

  • $13 cash
  • $15 credit
  • $110 for a 10-week pass (best deal!)

Top 4 teams in each division make playoffs. Top team in Championship division moves up to Premier and bottom team in Premier moves down to Championship next session.

Who: Premier and Championship Divisions – co-ed; 18+ years  |  Division III:  co-ed; 30+ years

When: Premier & Championship: Monday nights 7:30 – 11:30pm  |  Division III:  Thursday nights 8 – 11pm

Dates: Mondays: Oct 7 – Nov 18  |  Thursdays: Sept 19 – Nov 14

Cost: $900 for 7 weeks of play and 1 week of playoffs. (deposit due to join leagues & balance due before 1st game)

SCHEDULE & STANDINGS (links below)

Monday nightschedule standings

Thursday Nightschedule standings


Futsal is a variant of soccer, mainly played indoors and is played between two teams of 5 players. The sport is played worldwide and is the only form of indoor soccer recognized by FIFA. The game is also played with a slightly smaller ball than soccer’s (size 4). The sport places more emphasis on ball control, passing, technique, and dribbling due to the smaller parameters of the game. Many professional soccer players played futsal when growing up. Below are some comparisons to soccer’s rules & regulations.

Futsal (Five-a-Side Soccer)

    • #4 Ball – 30% less bounce
    • 5 players
    • Unlimited “flying” substitutions (12 Players on a Team)
    • Kick-in
    • Stopped Clock
    • 20 minute halves
    • 1 timeout per half
    • Goal Clearance (throw)
    • No shoulder charges or sliding tackles
    • 4-second rule on restarts
    • No Offside Rule
    • No restrictions, but limited to 4 seconds
    • Goalkeeper cannot touch by hand a ball played back
    • One back pass to Goalkeeper
    • Player sent off can be substituted for after 2 minutes or other has scored
    • Corner kick placed on corner

With 8 hardwood courts to choose from we’re able to host friendly matches and futsal tournaments alike!

Looking to rent one of our courts?

For more information contact: Shane Burnison

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