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Youth Winter Soccer League – Session 2

We’re back for another season of youth soccer league! Join us this winter for 7 weeks of regular games and 1 week of playoffs. Come show off your skills, practice teamwork, and most importantly… have fun! The top teams of the division play in the winner bracket playoffs; bottom teams play in the consolation bracket for playoffs.

New this year!

  1.  We are limiting the number of teams this year–enrollment will be a first come, first served basis.
  2. Missed or cancelled games due to inclement weather, last minute notice, etc. will not be rescheduled and count as a forfeit.
  3.  Full payments are due at the time of registration.
  4.  Multi-team discounts are not being offered.
  5.  Coaches are responsible for registering their team using their own contact info.

Age Brackets: 
8U – 2nd grade or lower AND born on or after 1/1/2014
10U – 4th grade or lower AND born on or after 1/1/2012
12U – 6th grade or lower AND born on or after 1/1/2010
14U – 8th grade or lower AND born on or after 1/1/2008

Registration deadline is Mon, January 2 at 12PM. No exceptions. Schedule will be shared on Mon, January 9.

Mini Soccer Clinic

 Bring your little super-stars to initiate their soccer journey in a fun and self-discovering way! With total focus on developing body coordination & agility, Coach Paul will bring some fun, challenging and player focused drills to each session! Important Notes: Clinic will consist of 30 minutes of clinic time with 15 minutes of toddler time.

Who: Age 3-5 | Co-ed
When: Tuesdays | 12-12:45P
Dates:  Jun 13-Aug 15
Cost: $150 per child


Junior Soccer Clinic

If your child is looking to grow and develop their skills and make it to the next level, this is the place to be! With total focus on technique and body coordination & agility, the Starland coaches will bring some fun, challenging and player-focused drills to each session.

Who: Ages 5 -10 | Co-ed
When: Tues 3-4p (ages 5-7) | 4-5p (ages 8-10)
Dates: Jun 13- Aug 15
Cost: $200


Adult Soccer Programs

Drop-In Turf Play – $20 per session

Mon-Fri($20 per person for a 3 hr Time Block)
Session 1: 9AM-12PM

Session 2: 12:30PM-3:30PM

Fri($20 per person for a 2 hr Time Block)
Session 3: 9PM-11PM

Interested in joining a women’s league at Starland? Reach out to our soccer director below for more info!
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Adult Soccer – Co-Ed League

Starland is home to Monday Night Adult League, a challenging and competitive indoor co-ed soccer league (mandatory two women on the field at all times, if unable must play a man down). It has 1 division of soccer and runs for 8 weeks of regular games + playoffs. The top teams of the division play in the winners bracket playoffs.

Who: co-ed  |  18+ years
When: Monday nights 7-11p
Dates: Jul 6 – Aug 31
Cost: $950 Per Team


Adult Soccer – Co-Ed 30+ League

Thursday Night Co-ed League (30+) is one of our fun and competitive co-ed soccer leagues. Players have to be at least 30 years old to participate. Games are played on Thursday nights and each session runs for 8 weeks of recreational play and one week of playoffs! The top teams of the division play in the winners bracket.

Who: co-ed  |  30+
When: Thursday nights | 7-11p
Dates: Jul 6 – Aug 31
Cost: $950



Futsal is a variant of soccer, mainly played indoors and is played between two teams of 5 players. The sport is played worldwide and is the only form of indoor soccer recognized by FIFA. The game is also played with a slightly smaller ball than soccer’s (size 4). The sport places more emphasis on ball control, passing, technique, and dribbling due to the smaller parameters of the game. Many professional soccer players played futsal when growing up. Below are some comparisons to soccer’s rules & regulations.

Futsal (Five-a-Side Soccer)

    • #4 Ball – 30% less bounce
    • 5 players
    • Unlimited “flying” substitutions (12 Players on a Team)
    • Kick-in
    • Stopped Clock
    • 20 minute halves
    • 1 timeout per half
    • Goal Clearance (throw)
    • No shoulder charges or sliding tackles
    • 4-second rule on restarts
    • No Offside Rule
    • No restrictions, but limited to 4 seconds
    • Goalkeeper cannot touch by hand a ball played back
    • One back pass to Goalkeeper
    • Player sent off can be substituted for after 2 minutes or other has scored
    • Corner kick placed on corner

With 8 hardwood courts to choose from we’re able to host friendly matches and futsal tournaments alike!

Looking to rent one of our courts?

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