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What is Cardio Sport?

If you love playing sports, or are a fan of sports and want to get into the best shape of your life, THIS is the exercise program for you!

This high energy, music driven, 50 minute class is never the same thing twice, making you feel like you are back in the game, while getting you into the best shape of your life!

Participating in Cardio Sport classes will help you achieve any wellness goal, from weight loss, to significantly improving your cardiovascular, strength and agility. After just 6 weeks you can expect to look better and feel amazing!

Join the team that gets results and train with Cardio Sport – STARLAND!

Want to join a class? 

Cost: $90/month or $20 for a drop-in class

*20% off for First Responders & Military (code: FRM20)


Meet the Coaches

Katelyn Woodard

Katelyn grew up playing team sports and always loved the camaraderie, community and friendships that developed while being a part of a team. She began herfitness career in 2012 working with pre and postnatal women on their journey to stay active, fit and healthy during pregnancy and beyond.  Currently holds certifications in ACE Group Fitness, Keiser Cycle, MADD DOG Spinning, Water Aerobics Specialist, UCanRow2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor

Melissa Gwinn

Melissa started her Cardio Sport journey in 2012 after having her first child & gaining unwanted weight. After trying a class at her local gym, she quickly fell in love with the “in-the-game” and “concert-like” feeling. A few months and 60 lbs later, Melissa was in the best shape of her life! Inspired to help others achieve their wellness goals, Melissa has been leading Cardio Sport classes since 2014 all over the South Shore.

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