Youth Volleyball Camp

When: July 24th-28th

Grades: 5-9

Full Session (9am-4pm, 5 days): $229 (Preregister by July 7th for $199)

Half Session (half days, 5 days): $149 (Preregister by July 7th for $129)

Fun Friday: $110 (Preregister by July 7th for $99)

Full Session includes Fun Friday

Camp description: We believe that it is important, for players of all levels,  to develop a solid general skill foundation (serve, pass, hit, block, dig, set)  even if they have a specialized positions.  Skills will be broken down so that players will leave camp with a strong understanding of what it takes to perform each skill efficiently and effectively.  Coaches will demonstrate and run drills to help players learn and refine technique.    More experienced players will work on skill mechanics, but also will be drilled in various team-like situations (serve receive, defense, free ball, transition).  Less experienced players will learn and review each of the basic skills plus will learn or improve their knowledge about rotations, offensive and defensive formations and transition from one to the other.

Preregistration – Volleyball Camp

High School Volleyball Prep

When: August 14th – 17th

Grades 7-12

Full Session (9am-12p, 4 days): $229 (Preregister by August 1st for $199)

Half Session (2 days): $149 (Preregister by August 1st for $129)

Clinic Description: Get in volleyball shape before trying out for your school team. Designed to get players as many reps as possible as well as physically ready, so they can jump into their season strong and get the pre-season boost they need to impress their varsity coaches.

Preregistration – High School Volleyball Prep

Junior Play Volleyball Clinic

July Session: July 5th-7th

Full Session (3 days, 9am-4pm): $149 (Preregister by June 23rd for $129)

Half Session (3 days, half days): $99 (Preregister by June 23rd for $89)

August Session: August 7th-11th

Full Session (5 days, 9am-4pm): $169 (Preregister by July 21st for $149)

Half Session (5 days, half days): $110 (Preregister by July 21st for $99)

Fun Friday: $110 (Preregister by July 21st for $99)


Clinic Description: This program is designed for young athletes that have an interest in learning the fundamentals of volleyball. Grades K-4



Preregistration – Junior Play Volleyball