HS Prep – Summer Clinic

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High School Baseball Prep

 Didn’t get enough innings on the mound this Summer? Need some mechanical work? The HS Prep Program is designed to not only teach each aspect of the game but to get the reps necessary to see significant improvement while also tracking your progress. 

The HS Prep clinic will go above and beyond Fall Ball Prep with a higher level of challenging drills and game simulations

Conditioning: Players will learn proper stretches and necessary routines to warm up before getting into drill work.

Positional Work: This session is designed to allow players to work on learning infield, outfield, Pitching and catching skills. The sessions will increase in intensity throughout the week and will allow players to learn new ways to practice and drills to use throughout their season. For the best results players should focus on one area of interest during the session.

Hitting: Players are expected to have some basic previous level of hitting instruction.  We will work on the basics of hitting, however this will not be hitting 101,especially for the middle school group. Players will work on strengthening their weaknesses and working up to practicing situational strategies

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