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Kathleen Baroud

I grew up in Brockton and can’t remember a time when I didn’t play or watch sports. I was an avid soccer and softball player for much of my life, but also truly enjoyed playing any sport with my neighborhood pals. I was always into working out, but after college it became challenging to find time as the responsibilities of adulthood and parenthood became priorities. Once my kids (now 10 and 8) were settled into their school routines, I decided to start focusing on me and joined my local YMCA. I was drawn to cardio sport for a number of reasons. It reminded me of my sports trainings over the years. The classes were challenging and always different. The people I met were encouraging, supportive and inspirational. But most of all, I saw instant improvement in my strength and stamina and was having FUN in the process. I totally became hooked on the program and I feel so passionately about it that I want to bring that same experience to others.

Katelyn Woodard

I have always had a passion for health and wellness.  I grew up playing team sports and always loved the comradery, community and friendships that developed while being a part of a team.  My love for sports and fitness continued throughout college and beyond.  I began my fitness career in 2012 working with pre and postnatal women on their journey to stay active, fit and healthy during pregnancy and beyond.  From there my love of leading fitness classes grew.  I love motivating others and challenging people to work hard to meet their wellness goals.  I bring fun and excitement to every class I teach, through high energy, creative class design and great music.  I hold certifications in many fitness disciplines and am a certified Families and Pregnancy Health Coach as well as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.


ACE Group Fitness, Keiser Cycle, MADD DOG Spinning, Water Aerobics Specialist, UCanRow2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor

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