FALL 2017 Tryout Registration Now Available!

Boys Tryout Dates     **All players should attend the tryouts Aug 26/27th**

Age/TeamGrade (entering Fall)Tryout #1 DateTimeTryout #2 DateTime
10U4th GradeAugust 26th10am-11:30amAugust 27th10am-11:30am
11 U5th GradeAugust 26th10am-11:30amAugust 27th 10am-11:30am
12 U6th Grade AAugust 26th11:30am-1pmAugust 27th 11:30am-1pm
12 U6th Grade BAugust 30th 6-7:30pm
13 U7th Grade AAugust 26th11:30am-1pmAugust 27th11:30-1pm
13 U7th Grade BAugust 30th6-7:30pm
14 U8th Grade AAugust 26th1-2:30pmAugust 27th1-2:30pm
14 U8th Grade BAugust 30th7:30-9pm
15 U9th Grade August 26th1-2:30pmAugust 27th1-2:30pm
16 U10th Grade August 26th 2:30-4pmAugust 27th2:30-4pm
17 UVarsityAugust 26th2:30-4pmAugust 27th2:30-4pm

Girls Tryout Dates     **All players should attend the tryouts Aug 26/27th**

Age/TeamGradeTryout #1TimeTryout #2Time
9 U4th Grade August 26th10-11:30amAugust 27th10-11:30am
10 U5th GradeAugust 26th 10-11:30amAugust 27th10-11:30am
11 U6th Grade AAugust 26th11:30am-1pmAugust 27th 11:30am-1pm
11 U6th Grade BAugust 30th6-7:30pm
12 U7th Grade AAugust 26th11:30am-1pmAugust 27th11:30am-1pm
12 U7th Grade BAugust 30th7:30-9pm
13 U8th Grade AAugust 26th1-2:30pmAugust 27th1-2:30pm
13 U8th Grade BAugust 30th7:30-9pm
14 U9th GradeAugust 26th2:30-4pmAugust 27th2:30-4pm
15 U/ 16U10th GradeAugust 26th4-5:30pmAugust 27th4-5:30PM
16 U11th GradeAugust 26th4-5:30pmAugust 27th 4-5:30pm

Our Coaches

Most of our coaches have experience coaching/playing at either the college or high school level. Below are the mandates, priorities, and responsibilities of each of our coaches with his or her team and they are in a very specific order…

  1. Develop individual skills.
  2. Develop great teammates.
  3. Coach to inspire enjoyment of the game.
  4. Coach to be basketball players, not robots.
  5. Once 1-4 are met, we coach to WIN the game.

Program Philosophy

At Starland Supernova AAU, we aim to provide a fun and safe environment for youth to play basketball. Our program is based around the quality of our coaches, most of which have  High School and / or College coaching experience. Our coaches focus on helping our players improve their individual skill sets with in the framework of the building a true team concept.

We’re extremely happy to announce a partnership with Cape Cod Bulls AAU to take both programs to the next level.  With superior coaching and a focus on skill development, Starland Supernova and Cape Cod Bulls AAU will look to develop all levels of player from beginner to Division I scholarship athletes!

Benefits of Becoming a Member of Supernova Nation

  • Weekly skills nights run by our varsity and sub-varsity coaches
  • Discounts on all camps and programs
  • Starland Night- on this night we will open the park up to all players and coaches at no additional cost
  • 50% off our drop in basketball rate
  • $5 off any value package at Starland at any time during the season
  • Discounts and players only promotions at the Draft on 53 Grill
  • Discounts on birthday parties and events
  • More benefits will be available as the season progresses

Additionally for Fall of 2017

Fall AAU is designed to be a pre cursor to your winter basketball regular season.  It’s a shorter season, with less events, designed to prep your skill set and conditioning while leading in the winter.  We are proud to announce we have partnered up with TRG Performance Training (located in Starland) for sports performance and functional movement training!  TRG training will be available to all players with individual sessions or team training.

Cost to play AAU in the Fall

Price range varies depending on several factors like number of events played as a team, uniform upgrade options, team training etc…   You can expect to pay anywhere from $350 to $600 for the fall season.  This includes tournament entries, uniform, weekly skill sessions and 1-2 practices per week starting mid September and running through mid November.  Once the tryout completes for your age group, if selected to a team, your designated coach will give you more info regarding price. At that point, you will be asked to make a decision about playing with our program.

Tournament Selection in the Fall

Coaches are given a list of events on any given weekend to choose where they want to play.  Most events are within a 1 hour drive of Starland Sportsplex.  In the Fall, you can expect to play in 4-6 events over the course of 8 weeks starting at the end of September and running through the 2nd week in November.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or email:  781 996 3053  ex 112 or email our director at shane@starlandsports.com

Coaching Bios

Overseeing our AAU Basketball will be Cape Cod Bulls AAU director Heath “Noopy” Texeira:

Coach Noopy’s basketball career spans over 30 years in a variety of roles including player, scout, recruitment,
player development, trainer, management, assistant and head coaching. Whether K-12, travel leagues, AAU,
college, clinics, combines, professional (PBL, NBL & ABA), or international basketball, the goal of developing
athletes to work to their full potential both on and off the court are his priorities. In his efforts with young
athletes, together they work to improve skills, deepen understanding of the game, and to set clear goals. Noopy
conveys the principles of being part of a team, representing an organization and carrying themselves as athletes.

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