All-Star Player Development

All-Star Player Development 2017-09-03T12:03:09+00:00

All Star Baseball Player Development Program!

When: Every Monday beginning October 30th, 2017 through December 18th, 2017

Who: Middle School Kids who currently play baseball or are looking to get into the sport.

$275 Per Player $250 If you Pre-Register before August 20th!

Each session will be broken down into two halves and will focus on a different skill. ​

Positional Work​: This session is designed to allow players to work on learning infield, outfield, pitching and catching skills. The sessions will increase in intensity throughout the program and will allow players to learn new ways to practice along with useful drills to use throughout their season.

​Hitting​: Players will work on the basics of hitting, while focusing on strengthening their weaknesses and working up to practicing situational strategies.

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